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Florence was the perfect ending to an amazing trip. @brookstoneschool @acistours @katiesforsyth @cocomuyloco #CougsAbroad2015 #Florence #StudentTravel #Instatravel @graceapippas @wscopelan @bethell_culpepper @peasypops @carahunter1232
The best tour manager in the entire world!!! Thank you, @acistours, for putting @tm.dimitra in our lives and on our tour! I mean, HONESTLY, we couldn't have had a better experience. Can't wait for my trip with her (HOPEFULLY) next summer to more amazing places! @brookstoneschool #CougsAbroad2015 #TravelChangesLives
This was our attempt at a jumping shot in Parliament Square in front of the Palace of Westminster. City sightseeing tour. #acisengland #london #londonlive #texans #housesofparliament #bigben
Florence was just perfect in every way. #CougsAbroad2015 @katiesforsyth @cocomuyloco @brookstoneschool @acistours #italy #StudentTravel #Florence #David #StreetArt @graceapippas @wscopelan @bethell_culpepper @peasypops @carahunter1232
Whenever I visit Sevilla, I always take the time to walk over to the beautiful (and pretentious) Plaza de España and look for the places I used to live in Spain. I studied abroad in Salamanca for a year in 2007, and it was my first experience traveling alone and really solidified both my love for Spain and my desire to really live overseas and travel long-term. It was also where I learned to come out of my shell and actually talk to people, seriously improve my Spanish, and to drink and dance all night and be able to go to class the next day, you know, the important things
Efkharisto! Grazie! Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, to everyone who made this trip possible. Travel truly does change lives. @brookstoneschool @acistours #CougsAbroad2015 #StudentTravel #Thankful @graceapippas @wscopelan @bethell_culpepper @peasypops @carahunter1232
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