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My hands down favorite teacher would have to be Ms.Close. She was my second semester World Geography teacher and my current homeroom teacher. For me she is the person I go to for when I need help or someone I can talk to about my personal problems. She is one of the welcoming and kind hearted teacher I have ever met. I remember last year when she first taught my class she had her door open and shook each of our hands and during that whole period made sure that she had everyones name down. She always reminded us that we were smart and could do anything we set our minds to. I have first handly seen her go the extra mile for students so that they don't feel like they are alone when studying and can ask her questions when needed. She always has her door open for students like me to seat in before school and during lunch. I tend to even now wounder into her room in the mornings to seat and do homework or to just take about life. Whenever it is raining outside she leaves her door open for me and my friends to seat and have lunch. To me she is my safety blanket for whenever I feel down and need a pick me up. #aciscontest #acisrules
Mrs. Ellery has been such an inspiration to myself and so many other students over the past four years of me knowing her. She strives to help kids overcome their weaknesses, while also highlighting their strengths. There is no other person I would want to travel with this summer. (Ps. Don't tell her she's being nominated!!!!) #aciscontest #teacherappreciationweek
This is Mr. Bui, he teaches chemistry for sophomores at Anderson high school. He has been teaching me for almost an entire year now but has made an entire life worth of difference for me. First of let me address this video. I went into his class at lunch to take a quiz that I had missed and on my way down the hall I heard some very loud singing coming from one of the classes. Hoping not to disturb anyone I slowly peaked in and there was a full out karaoke jam session going on. Mr. Bui was singing his heart out and everyone in the classroom was loving it. I feel like this video portrays Mr. Bui's personality perfectly. He isn't scared of what other people think about him and he's a really outgoing guy. I appreciate everything he's done for me school-wise and in life. I have really developed a love for science and especially chemistry because of his teaching style, and he really opened my eyes to the science world. Science isn't the only thing that he's helped me with, he's also taught me how to be myself and to follow my dreams/goals no matter what. I'm so thankful to have such a great teacher in my life. #aciscontest #teacherappreciationweek #teacherappreciation @whapthat
Do I know what I would do without this woman? The answer is no. She has been there through the best and the worst, the highs and lows, the extraordinary and mundane. There is a passion within her that nobody can match. Whether we were in the classroom or across the world, there was something to be learned and discovered. She sparked my interest in the world and gave me a desire to expand my knowledge and experience. I've been blessed to travel with her not only once, but twice, and I'd travel with her again in a heartbeat. She has given me more than I could ever ask. She is my best friend, my mentor, my rock. All I can say now is: Thank you, Mrs. Swank. πŸ’•πŸŒ P.S. Keep it awkward for the Messiah 😘 #aciscontest #teacherappreciationweek Repost from @kar_rawrrr
Happy teacher appreciation day to my favorite teacher~ Mr. Andruezzi was a great history and even better sociology teacher. He's inspired me so much and i wish i could take his class again ☺ #tbt sophomore year halloween
All y'all need to know about her. This is Emily Neinast aka 1/2 of @whapthat and other than being absolutely beautiful as shown above, she has been one of my favourite teachers coming to AHS (Document A). She's the absolute best AP World History teacher all around albeit I might be a bit biased. Maybe an additional document from another student might be helpful. Moving to a different city and to a different school with completely new types of people was absolutely horrendous but she as been one of my most influential teachers as her quirky and fun personality has helped me seek her classroom as one of my few refuges in the school. Whilst also having the best decorated classroom of a of AHS, she beautifully maintains this atmosphere of positivity unprecedented in most of my other classrooms which I consider to be one of the greatest things about her considering the fact that she's been so busy with planning her wedding, organising a Cuba trip with students, sponsoring key club, and a plethora of other things. Despite being so busy, she's always managed to make time with every individual student she encounters and it's always evident that she cares about them. Sadly, in a few weeks Summer will be here which means that not too long from now I'm gonna have to say goodbye to her cutout of Andrew Jackson and her map-covered wall. Thank you Ms. Neinast. Being with yoh and Ethel this entire year had been a blessing to me and hopefully to every student that ever has to walk into your classroom. #aciscontest #whapthat #praiseethel #teacherappreciationweek
Happy teacher appreciation week!πŸ˜‡πŸŽ These two (and another, I just don't have a photoπŸ˜‡) have been there from the start of 9th grade until now and I can't wait until I have them both again my senior year. I can honestly say im going to miss my teachers like crazy when I graduate. They've always listened to my careless rants or complaints and always give me great advice from their experience. They constantly remind me that I'm not a failure no matter how many quizzes or tests I fail or how many times i put myself down. When i'm feeling down, they always know how to cheer me up. Sometimes teachers just feel more like parents. I'm super grateful for all of my teachers and everything they do. I could never put up with the amount of foolishness they have to on a daily basis at school. Again thank you!πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ’– Teachers deserve so much respect every day, not just this week. #aciscontest #teacherappreciationweek #thisisntjustforthecontesteither #appreciateyourteachers
Happy Teacher Appreciation Week to all of the fantastic teachers I've been blessed with! One who particularly inspires me is Ms Neinast, the amazing emnein (empool?) is the definition of #goals. She's an intelligent, witty, beautiful, strong, stylish, fun, coffee addicted, tough lady who has accomplished so much despite being so young. I've had the pleasure of being taught by Neinast for 2 years now and have never been in such an intense class where we learn so much, work so hard but still have so much fun. Ms Neinast goes above in beyond in her crazy interactive lesson plans to challenge her students and help them really feel as though they are experiencing history (amongst my favorites were the caste system experiment, the trench warfare experience, and the French Revolution simulation). As soon as you step into Ms Neinast's map covered room it is clear that she is passionate about her work and her students feel at home. She is a fellow lateen sail enthusiast and we share a love of good food and bad puns. Ms Neinast is a pro globe trotter who inspire me to travel more, and I cannot wait to go to Cuba and to be Havana good time with her on an #acis trip! #aciscontest #teacherappreciationweek #totalWHAPmove
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